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Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Heroes over ‘all the others’?

Great question!

First, here are comments we hear from many first time Clients ...

"My last Carpet Cleaner said that stain couldn't come out"

"The last guy quoted me $59 and then charged me $200"

"I booked someone and they didn't even show-up"

1. Why are some Carpet Cleaners 'Suspiciously Cheap?'

There are operators that offer ridiculously cheap prices to get into your home and then upsell you to as much as they can (we call them VILLAINS!). This is known in the industry as 'Bait & Switch' and is not the CARPET CLEANING HEROES way!


2. Do you use professional equipment?

The difference in effectiveness between Truck Mounted equipment and many other options can be enormous. Not only can it make a massive difference to your end result, but also the time it takes to get the job done (which can add to the price), the overall look of your flooring and the drying time!

3. Are your cleaning products safe?

There are a range of chemicals available in the industry and some are safer than others. Carpet Cleaning Heroes only use leading commercial product brands that are thoroughly tested world wide. Some carpet cleaners still use outdated and even outlawed chemicals!

4. Can you remove stains and will they stay gone?

This is a SUPER POWER that CARPET CLEANING HEROES have a reputation for. Many times a stain may look foiled, only to sneak back a few weeks later. That is not a HEROIC ending! Using the correct formula's, heavy duty equipment and all in the hands of an experienced Carpet Cleaning Heroes Technician means you will enjoy the best results!

5. Are you a local business?

Carpet Cleaning Heroes is owned by local family's that live in your community. You can rest assured your investment is not going towards a corporate jet or overseas holiday home!

6. Are you insured?

As a public law abiding Citizen it's important that you are protected if something dastardly was to happen. Make sure the Carpet Cleaner you are using has the right insurances to protect you. Carpet Cleaning Heroes are a bit over-the-top when it comes to doing things right, so you can enjoy a warm blanket of complete insurance protection.

So, if you would like to experience that genuine service, of a local family business that has been delivering home services to over 2,400 local families in Brisbane for the past 16 years, give us a call and put us to the test.

If you're happy with the job, tell your friends and family and Carpet Cleaning Heroes will in turn be able to help even more Citizens!

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